Red Personality

Make it fast. Time means money

Reds, are easy to spot…Just look around who is looking sharp, giving commands, and ready for business.

Yup, that’s a Red personality in action.

Committed: To the bone. When something attracts them, be it an idea, a business, or a challenge… they commit themselves body and soul to the cause.
Reds will never stop until achieving their goal.

Ambitous: OMG, unquestionable. Ambition is one of their main engines. They like power and money, and well, without ambition you can’t get anything, right?

Red Personality

Stubborn: Very much, but the reds have a hard time recognizing it. They don’t see it that way, they see that they have a goal in mind and they won’t stop until they achieve it. Sometimes it is simply for the sake of winning or being right at all costs.

Resolve: That’s one of the Reds’ best qualities. They love to solve any problem, dilemma or situation. Since they have so many connections, they always resolve just by making a call.
They always look for solutions. A great treat in this personality.

Full of energy: These people do not rest. Their bodies will rest but their minds are active 24 hours a day.

Competitive 100%: If there is no competition, what’s the point of doing something? The Reds are the leaders, the Winners, and the most ambitious of all the colors.

Vigorous: Reds can attack and deal with agility and violence

Curious: They love to know new things, but they don’t get into other people’s lives. Curious but not gossipy.

Entrepreneur: It’s just that having a boss doesn’t go well for the reds. They prefer to take their risks, they do not like to be set limits and ordered what to do either.

Decision Makers: They have the balls to make (almost always) good decisions.


Assertive: They have that mixture of great optimism and security when dealing with complicated situations.

Reds, we need them as leaders to keep everyone straight.

Red personality are mostly in high positions and professions they are likely to held will be:

Top sellers, number 1 in Sports, political charges, top executives, sales coaches, CEO and anything they can be in charge, in power and making lots of money.



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