Stressed because you are not selling?

Stop wondering why you don’t sale… you’re pissing off your potential clients!

Selling is an art. It is also a science and a Gift.

Only a few are born with this gift, but the majority of the salespeople need hussle more than others.

Often, we find ourselves with a great product, presentation, or idea, and yet, we can’t seem to click it in our prospect’s head.

This creates great stress, doesn’t it? especially if you are in sales.

Almost everyone makes several common mistakes in their sales career. To close a sale, salespeople frequently exaggerate, overestimate, misinterpret, or otherwise miss the mark.

So your pitch is important. Not only that… you gotta keep in mind that your ethos, the carrier of the message, is just as important as the message itself.

Does it make sense to you? Let me explain. The recipient may interpret your message completely different from what you intended to communicate.


Only rarely is the entire message received exactly as you intended it to be.

The message, (perceived) is what remains of what you just said to a certain person after having passed through the filter of their reference systems, preferences, and prejudices.

Avoid saying the following to a possible prospect to get their attention:

 “I want you to create a goal in your mind that you would love to achieve.”

What is that? create a goal?

Do you know what your prospect thinks? “Please get to the point.”

It doesn’t matter what color you have in front of you… ” I want you to create, blah blah blah” will not spark a curiosity. At least not for most people.

You need to look into your prospect’s professional and even personal background to be able to establish a good rapport. Because rapport builds trust. And hardly anyone wants to buy anything from a person they don’t trust.

“Let me tell you about my wonderful company, our wonderful founder, and our wonderful products.”

Avoid saying all this me, me, me shit about your company… You know what your prospect thinks: “Oh no! Really?… Another cult presentation.” 

Instead of so many compliments on the company, it is better that you tell them how your company changed the lives of other people.


This one fails all the time, and I’ve heard this many times:

“Our company was the 13th fastest growing company in the valley area.”

Oh God, “our compiny wis thi 13th fistist griwing compiny, yada, yada, yada…”

Wanna know what your (all the colors) prospect thinks: “Who were the 12 better companies? Maybe I should check them out.”


As a salesperson, you would be drawn to boast about all the cool features your product or service has. But, the problem is … it’s not going to make a sale.

If you are trying to give credibility and you say:

 “Our patented, trademarked, copyrighted and proprietary products are unique. No one can copy us. And, our scientists can beat up the competition’s scientists.”

Prospect thinks: “No one is waiting for your product introduction. We are all busy with TikTok.”

Buyers want the opportunity to see a product in action very early on. They want a very tangible understanding of what they’re potentially buying, and they want it right away.

Think about this, are you revealing your prospect’s main pains? Not really, you need to identify ways how you can solve them.  Instead of describing the bells and whistles, you’d better focus on how your product can solve the most critical problems your prospect is trying to tackle.

Please, don’t create Hurry this way, it will not take you anywhere…

“This is truly the best deal! You have to get in now. Get in first. Next week is too late. You need to grab the opportunity immediately.

Your poor (all colors) Prospect thinks: “So everyone I would bring into the business will be too late? They won’t have a chance?”

Pushy salespeople don’t go far. Considerate ones do. And let’s be honest – you’re not the only one selling!

You will be surprised how many talented salespeople are selling for the sake of making signature sales pitches and killer slideshows, and not concentrating on selling.

That’s a rookie mentality. Pros would focus in your pain.

“But first you need to watch the company video to see the big picture.”

This is also a terrible way to make me want to see a presentation. You don’t even have them interested yet! I bet your prospect thinks: “Oh no. Kill me now. Please don’t. I can’t stand watching commercials, especially if they are over 30 seconds.”

Buyers want the opportunity to see a product in action very early on. They want a very tangible understanding of what they’re potentially buying, and they want it right away.

Today’s sales standards (and ethics) are quite different, and “selling for the sake of selling” is a waste of time.

“Our company video is only 15 minutes. Let me give you the link now. Then watch it, and get back to me.”

This is just as bad,…Prospect thinks: “I would say ‘no’ but I haven’t had a chance to talk yet.”

To begin with, you’re wasting your time and effort trying to persuade someone or a company to buy your products, even if they don’t need them.

Bottom line is – don’t EVER force a sale on somebody who doesn’t want or need your products or services. Instead, simply admit it and move on!

“Our top earner earns over a million dollars a year. We are not allowed to show checks, but … I have a copy of his last month’s check I can send you.”

how to screw it up? number one, show that they have no ethics. There is a big difference between creating complicity and being unethical. Please do not confuse.

Prospect thinks: “Just what I need. An unethical sponsor to guide me. Groan.

“The best part is … that no one fails. No one drops out. Our retention is the best.”

Prospect thinks: “I wonder if this opportunity is one more thing that won’t work for me.”


“I have sponsored 20 people in the last 30 days. This opportunity is too good to be true.

Prospect thinks: “Will you help me? With 20 new people ahead of me, this doesn’t look good.”

Two different scripts. This is ugly. No connection. Failure.

A professional and well-respected sales representative will not become so desperate. Instead, a great sales rep cares about customers, wants to help, and provides excellent solutions. Listening to your prospects’ needs and looking for ways to assist them qualifies you as a “classy sales rep” who knows when not to sell.

Being aware of how little control we have over what the recipient will end up understanding can be overwhelming.

No matter how hard you try to get someone to understand something, there’s not much you can do about it. However, without a doubt, you can consider this as one more among many other challenges.

Not everything can be easy. You cannot change the recipient. However, most people know how they want to be treated. If you stick to how other people want to be treated, your communication will be more effective.

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