Blue Personality

People, network, music, open bar… count me in!

The Blue Personality is easy to spot. They are the ones doing most of the talking. Next time you see a crowd, check who is in the middle making everyone laugh… it will probably be a blue personality being “blue” which is equal to fun and spontaneous.

How to recognize a Blue Personality


Blues Will Talk Most Of The Time

Treat Them Like A Friend

Keep Conversations Light And Casual

Watch out! Blue Gets Bored Quick

With Blues, Everything Is: Party, Experience, Adventure, Travel, Take Action

They Are Not Afraid To Launch To Experience New Things

  They Like To Converse And Are A Little Rebellious.

 What to say to sell a Blue Personality:

Concentrate on the features that make you “have fun” at all times.
Tell them things like:

Let’s focus on the fun parts

This system will give you more freedom and fun to be with friends.

This system will allow you to travel and network

You can take your friends to the water park and create unforgettable memories

This will make your circle of connections grow and on top of that, you will make money while having fun.

What I teach you will provide you with the status you deserve.

This system will allow you to continue the Adventure and be your own boss.
This is made for you!



Show them that what you offer is the latest and the best

Talk about who else is using the same product or service

Be enthusiastic in your presentation

Tell them about travels, meet people, create memories

Focus on the fun things and take on the sale

Place them in the photo

Fire your imagination first!

She looks having fun!

Act in confidence with them it’s good to make a joke and let them talk

Do not be threatening, so look for a comfortable environment without many distractions

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