Green Personality


The Green Personality is the most precise. Yes, they don’t like crowds, they work well with data and overly analyze pretty much everything.

You can tell a green personality by pretty much seeing what they are wearing.

Most green personalities have these characteristics:

Investigator: This personality loves to investigate everything. In addition, if they like the subject they are investigating, then they are going to investigate until the end. They don’t like anything that generates any doubts, that is why they prefer to be well informed, that’s not so bad, right?

Cautious: They are also pessimists, oh, sorry!… I meant realists. They see mistakes and risks everywhere. Safety is often the first thing they think of.

Orderly: They can’t help it, they love order. You’ll know you’ve come across a person of green conduct when you visit their house and everything is organized in a precise way. Labels and names are visible on practically EVERYTHING.

Accurate: I don’t know for sure, but, I bet you Toyota probably has a high percentage of green engineers among its employees.

Logical: Logical and rational thinking is a highly valued concept for Greens. Get rid of feelings as much as possible and act completely logically.

Conventional: In some ways they can be old-fashioned, in others they like innovation.

Distant: Not the most affectionate when around people, and no, they won’t ask much about your private life and they expect the same from you.

Systematic: For the greens, data is almost never enough and attention to the fine print will never be excessive.

Rigorous: They don’t like shortcuts. Why? Not having everything under control is the same as not having control at all.

Perfectionist: I imagine it was a green who said the phrase: “The key is in the details”.

Methodically: You will know that you have come across a person with a blue demeanor when you visit his house and everything is organized in a precise way. Visible labels and names on each box, hanger, or door.

Analytic: You will hear this from a green, very frequent… «Is there more documentation? ».

Respect the rules: If there are rules, it is because someone bothered to write them logically, informationally, and methodically. Therefore, you have to follow them.

Strict: When a green individual discovers that there is a risk of doing something shoddy at work, he will stop everything. “This needs to be reviewed. Why has the quality been reduced?

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