Trust, Need, Help and Hurry

Are you stuck in a slump?

Maybe it’s time we review if you are following these simple steps in your sales strategies.

If you follow what I am about to show you, you will never be in a slump again.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, Trust, Need, Help, and Hurry are a must in every successful deal.

In case this doesn’t make sense, or you didn’t read my “How to talk to the 4 color personality”, let me put this example in a real situation:

Ladies, I’ll use the guys for this sample because it’s easier.

It’s Saturday night, you want to go out so you get showered, dressed, and ready to meet someone tonight.

You get to the bar and this beautiful woman is sitting alone next to you.

You are attracted to her, so you make the first move.

Now, do you approach her and tell her straight up

Hi, you are sexy, I bet your bra size is 34D, am I right?


– Hi, you are sexy,  would you like to sleep with me tonight? 

Yeah? I don’t think so.

And even if you did, I wish you luck! most likely the young woman will pass on your offer. 

The funny thing is, later you are wondering what is wrong with women, what is wrong with the bar, and what is wrong with everybody. 

What the hell? right?

My friend, if you think like that, you are stupid. You know very well you didn’t build any trust for the woman to accept your offer.

Just like in real SALES life, when you are not selling,  you blame the customers, the product, the managment, Trump, the Corona Virus and whatever thing you can blame next to you.

Sounds a bit familiar?

Now, let’s say, you were polite and introduced yourself, and you get into a conversation with her.

Would you ask her after 5 minutes the same question?

Not yet, right? because you need to RELATE first.

So, you offer a drink and you ask here these two questions: (remember, people love to talk about themselves)

Trained words, for a rejection-free reaction:

  • -You seem like a very interesting person, what do you do for a living? (hint: Color Personality)
  • -Where are you from (hint: Commonality)

These two questions may sound stupid but they are the ICEBREAKERs to enhance the prospect to talk to you.

The more they talk, the more you are building TRUST

Are you starting to get the picture?

Well, this is how we sound or behave with our prospects sometimes, we try to sell them too soon.  We try to go straight to the wallet and of course, nobody in the world would let a stranger take their wallet right?

Just like you will never flirt with a woman like an example I just gave you, you need to do the same with your clients.

You need to build TRUST.

How do you build an effective TRUST with a client?


  • First, shut the f**ck up and listen to them (with intent) 
  • Then be honest and look into their eyes
  • Try to communicate effectively. Speak their language
  • It is also good to admit when you are wrong
  • It helps when you admit  you don’t know something
  • Give them the benefit of the doubt. No prejudging
  • Say what you mean, mean what you say

I think you are getting my point, right?

These TRUST tips I just gave you APPLY  to all COLORS.  Building Trust is like the 10 commandments, they are for everyone. If you follow them, you are going on the right path.

Now, let’s leave our beautiful woman at the bar, and let’s talk about the real-life out there.

In sales, once you build TRUST, then you need to build some NEED.

After finding out, commonalities with your client, they might TRUST you, but do they NEED you or your services or products? We don’t know that yet.

That is why, the questions you are going to ask are important to build a good rapport and find out, how to create a NEED.

Of course, as a salesperson most likely the client is already at your place of work, it doesn’t matter if you sell cars, jewelry, timeshare, or services. If the client is there, they are there for a reason.

Like I said earlier, when you shut up and listen, the clients will tell you how to sell them.

Let’s say you sell cars in a dealership, while the clients were talking to you, you probably heard about: whether they drive far, they have children, they have an old car, cutting down budget, increasing budget, they want to save money, etc… ALL BULLETS.

If you are a good salesperson, pick up all the bullets and show them

-Yes, John and Mary, you are right. Everyone is feeling like you, afraid of going to the pump every day. Most people are coming to see our latest gas-efficient car so they can get a break in their wallets. When you see it, you are not going to believe the price.

For those familiar with the Color Personality this is how you build NEED according to their COLOR:

Let’s start with the laydowns: My dear Blues.

45 minutes later, you probably heard from a Blue, that they don’t know what they want, but they are BORED with their 2020 car.

They probably mentioned they work a lot, and they TRAVEL a lot. 

So a typical blue spends a lot of time driving.

You know… “Places to go, People to see”

They probably have two or three hobbies including Kayaking, Surfing, or Cycling.

Anyway, luckily for you, you speak BLUE and this is what you’ll tell them:

Blue: (innovation, latest)Yesterday Ford released the latest SUV 2023 model, a completely innovated, Bose sound system.

All the apps from your phone are easily incorporated into the dashboard so you can drive and stay connected safely.

The car drives by itself, all you have to do is press a button, set the destination, and relax. You can even take photos while you drive. It’s fascinating, do you want to see it? 

That’s it… You just piqued his or her curiosity, and now they are intrigue. Maybe they might NEED you at this point.





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